Alice: Asylum (Alice 3) and Alice "Vacation Destination" Possible

American McGee's Blog notes that the designer is currently working on design, art, and story for Alice: Asylum (aka Alice 3), a new entry in his retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story that will serve as a prequel to the earlier games. Word is this "will present the story before “American McGee’s Alice,” with young Alice fighting through the trauma of losing her family." They offer a few ways to support this effort, including a Patreon. There's also an interesting post by American on Facebook talking about plans for a new development studio in Thailand where he ponders the idea of turning this into some form of Alice theme park for those devoted to the franchise:
One idea I have for the new development studio in Thailand is that we'd also make it a vacation destination for Alice fans. Imagine a location where you can take the most amazing cosplay photos, explore The Cheshire's Forest, or interact with an animatronic Mad Hatter. Spend a few nights in the Queen's Castle? Just don't lose your head!