Battlefield V and Anthem NVIDIA Bundles

NVIDIA announces the addition of DLSS to Battlefield V and Anthem, saying each game will support their new high-speed anti-aliasing scheme. Word is: "With RTX ON in Battlefield V, gamers will get the best of both worlds; beautiful real-time ray tracing and smooth frame rates with DLSS. Get RTX ON with performance similar to RTX OFF." They also announce new RTX benchmarks and demos as more ways to show off the power of their newest hardware. And to fully get the chocolate and peanut butter together, they announce the GeForce RTX Game On Bundle offers a free copy of either Anthem or Battlefield V with the purchase of an eligible RTX 2070 or (newly announced) RTX 2060 graphics card or free copies of both games for those who buy an eligible 2080 or 2080 Ti card. This page has a list of cards and systems that carry these offers.