Imperius Joints the Heroes of the Storm PTR Next Week

Blizzard tweets that the next hero for Heroes of the Storm will be Imperius, who will be available on the Play Test Realm on January 2nd. Imperius is from Diablo III, where he is known as the Archangel of Valor. Since we don't know more about his role in Blizzard's MOBA, here's word on him from Diablo courtesy of the Diablo Wiki:
Imperius is the warrior of the Angiris Council and the commander of the Heavenly Host. In success it is he who most daringly exploits hell's weaknesses, and in retreat he is the rallying cry of the armies of Heaven.

He lives to slay demons. He has killed billions of them over the course of his existence,[1] and so because of their demonic heritage he was the most outspoken member of the Angiris Council against allowing humans to live: