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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Goes Back to Ubersreik

Grab your hammer and prepare for war, as this post on Steam announces the release of Back to Ubersreik, the new DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Fatshark's melee combat sequel. This features a return to some of the most memorable locations in the first Vermintide with additional challenges, including tougher opponents. There also may be more here than they are revealing: "Three levels are included in the Back to Ubersreik DLC - officially," teases fictional character Bardin Goreksson. "There might be more content…" This trailer shows off this chance to party like it's 2015, and the announcement fills in more details on the DLC, how hosting games with DLC content is changing, and the an accompanying update to the base game:

Our second DLC brings with it version 1.4, update #43. Which includes plenty of bug fixes and tweaks, three new missions and five new weapons for players who own Back to Ubersreik.

Our DLC policy for Vermintide 1 is something that we are very proud of. Players who owned a DLC, could invite their friends along for the ride - not everyone in the party had to be owners. We felt that was a fair deal.

But for Vermintide 2, when we released our first DLC 'Shadows over Bögenhafen', we received feedback from our players that, because of how Quickplay works, the value proposition of our DLCs wasn't all that clear.

So for this release, we're changing how access to DLC missions works. From now on, in order to host a Custom game with a DLC mission, or have that mission be selected for Quickplay - you, or another player in your Keep, will have to own that DLC.

Where it was previously possible to join a DLC mission through Quickplay, even if you didn't own that DLC, from today that won' be the case. You will have to join a friend who owns it.

These changes also affect the missions from the Shadows over Bögenhafen DLC.

We're in the process of making more finely grained options for random mission selection in Quickplay. In the next major update, planned for January, we will present players the option of playing only certain sets of missions - excluding, or including DLC levels.

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