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Artifact Tournament and Pre-Purchases Begin

Valve is now offering pre-purchases of Artifact on Steam to ease the minds of anyone who is worried they will forget to buy the virtual card game when it launches on November 28th. Also, the promised pre-release tournament is now underway on SteamTV for your viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, this post notes the public release some APIs to assist those in the community building tools to support the game. This post offers an ArtiFAQ to further explain the tournament, pre-purchases, and the game itself. Here's a bit:

The Artifact Preview Tournament on SteamTV [] begins today at 9 AM PST and to celebrate we’re opening Artifact pre-orders on Steam at the same time! We’ve been combing the community for questions about everything that’s available at launch, and now have a handy FAQ.

Today Beyond The Summit will follow 128 world class players competing in a Swiss draft tournament. Tomorrow the top 8 will battle in a single-elimination bracket for the grand prize. Enjoy the tournament coverage and keep posting your questions!

Q. What do I get when I buy Artifact?
Your purchase includes 10 card packs, 5 event tickets, and two complete starter decks. The two starter decks are Red/Green Brawler and and Blue/Black Control.

Q. What game modes are available at launch?
There are many ways to play Artifact.

Some modes require you to construct a deck from the cards that you own. You can play these constructed modes against other players in Gauntlets, user-created tournaments, or casual one-off matches. When you play against bots you can give the bot any deck - even one built with cards you don't own.

There are also game modes that can be played regardless of which cards you personally own. You can challenge a friend and borrow any deck that they share from their collection. A special launch event will feature access to powerful pre-constructed theme decks for playing against bots and other players (a great way to explore the cards and mechanics of the launch set). There are also draft modes where you compete with other players in selecting cards from a series of booster packs. At launch, draft will be offered as Gauntlets with prizes and entry fees.

Q. What's in a card pack?
You receive 10 packs of cards with your initial purchase of the game. Each pack contains twelve random cards from the Call to Arms set, including one hero, two items, and at least one card of the highest rarity. Additional packs can be purchased for $1.99.

Q. What other ways can I get cards besides opening packs?
Players can buy and sell individual cards via the Community Market. Groups of cards can be bought and sold on the Marketplace in a single transaction using the in-game Collection interface. See this link for more information on the Market.

Q. Will there be other ways to transfer ownership of cards besides the Community Market?
Not at launch.

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