Riot On Fighting League of Legend Cheaters

This post from Riot Games discusses the shadowy art of banning cheaters from League of Legends, delving into the complexities of policing such a popular competitive online game. This is amusing and enlightening, and they uncover interesting details about the ongoing game of cat-and-mouse they play with miscreants. Here's a bit on battling scripted play: "It’s been a slow grind, but we feel pretty confident in saying that the machine uprising has been delayed by at least a few decades. You can safely resume using your microwave oven, provided that microwave oven does not interact with the LoL client." They also discuss their collaboration to combat the threat of Chinese "Inferno difficulty" cheating:
Recently, we flew out to Shenzhen for a bootcamp with the anti-cheat grandmasters at Tencent. China’s cheating landscape plays on the Inferno difficulty, and working together, we’re developing new ways to identify those that provide cheats in the first place. From boosting service takedowns to stealthier detection systems, we’re creating a global standard for what players should expect in competitive video games.