Dreadnought Launches

Dreadnought is now available on Steam, offering a free-to-play spaceship shooter for Windows. Here's word on the Steam release version, which will get the promised Havoc mode in a post-release update: "Titled Command the Colossal, this launch update to the game includes a new visual look with new UI enhancements, as well as support for two additional languages: Russian and simplified Chinese. PC players can link their Dreadnought and Steam accounts to continue playing with their existing achievements." It's been a long run for this game, as the original plan was for it to launch in 2015. Here's an animated lore trailer and here's more:
Dreadnought is all about team-based spaceship action in 8v8 matches across exotic locations around our solar system. Command your fleet of over 70 customizable vessels from five specialized classes, unlocking more advanced ships, modules and more as you fight for fame, riches and glory. Battle with friends and players around the world in competitive modes like Team Deathmatch, Onslaught – in which players battle both the enemy team’s ships and neutral AI vessels – and Conquest, where players capture, link and hold territory through strategic maneuvering.