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System Shock: Enhanced Edition Source Port Update

Nightdive Studios announces the release of "The Source Port Update" for System Shock: Enhanced Edition on Steam (thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun). This offers a direct port of the original edition of this action/RPG, with support for modern touches such as 4K resolution and widescreen monitors. Here's word:
For the first time ever, System Shock has been rebuilt from the original source code as a FREE update to all owners of the game!

System Shock: Enhanced Edition features:

  • Higher resolution support up to 4K widescreen mode
  • Mouselook support
  • Rebindable keyboard/mouse/joystick commands
  • Adapted to Nightdive's KEX engine
  • Support for both Direct3D and OpenGL
  • Option to switch between hi-resolution Mac assets and the original DOS assets
  • Official support for fan missions and fan mods
  • New unified options menu that allows changing preferences before gameplay
  • Adjustable FOV (Field of View)
  • Smoother camera rotation and translation
  • Improved control scheme which allows faster and streamlined experience
  • Brand new achievements
  • In-Game remappable keys with three profiles to choose from: original controls, custom controls, and lefthanded controls.
  • Many original game bugs fixed.

We hope you enjoy this free update for System Shock: Enhanced Edition!

Feel free to let us know what you think about it in the forums. We'll be monitoring it a lot over the next few weeks or so to gather information.