1000-player Mortal Royale Announced

Star Vault AB announces Mortal Royale, a fantasy-themed battle royale game that's currently in closed alpha testing. Word is this supports 1000 player games, sure to appeal to the gamer who sizes up their 99 opponents in a battle royale game and wonders "where is everybody?" This trailer shows off the game, the Steam Page has more details, including word that you can sign up for the alpha on the official website. Here's word:
We at Star Vault AB just announced our third game Mortal Royale and also invite players to sign up for closed alpha.

Using MMO technology we have built on for 10 years we plan to bring "massive" into the battle royale genre with matches that support up to 1000 players on a single server!

A massive amount of players are thrown into a large world in the eye of a deadly chaotic storm that is slowly closing in on them.

Here they can find and tame mounts to give them not only speed but a powerful advantage on the battlefield.

Scavenge the lands for armor, weapons,bows and powerful magic to execute the unworthy and stand as the final surviving champion when the storms finally settles.