Out of the Blue

I recently picked up a new travel mug, one of those Contigo dealies that claims to be spill-proof. This is a well designed device, and lives up to its billing: You can lock this and toss it in a bag and it still won't spill. It's also double-wall insulated, so I decided I would try it as a desk cup to help keep my coffee hot. This worked out too well, and after two days I've given up on the experiment. This thing kept my coffee so hot I was still burning me a couple of hours later, and the heat was so extreme it took an entire day to finish one cup. leaving me slightly undercaffeinated. This is definitely too much of a good thing. I could let it cool more before affixing the lid, but it would take much less time than that to refill and nuke more coffee, so the goal of added convenience won't be met here either way. At this point I'll just be happy to recover from this experiment. I haven't had such burns in my mouth since I gave up microwave pizza.

R.I.P.: Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, Dies at age 76.

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