Lords of the Fallen 2 Direction Change

Lords of the Fallen 2 was first revealed back in 2014, but we didn't hear much about CI Games' action/RPG sequel besides word about six months later that executive producer Tomasz Gop was leaving the project, which was changing direction. Now Eurogamer has a follow-up, saying that after Defiant Studios recently took over the project that development was started over from scratch. They have a lengthy Q&A on their plans, saying the goal is to create a challenge in the vein of the Dark Souls series. But it is also obvious that they are still working things out, and there's no release date yet, though it's not surprising that they presume it's at least a couple of years away. Here's a bit:
It's too early to talk exact concepts, partly because they're still being decided - "we are still exploring concepts and trying to move between paper design and prototypes", said Lesterlin - but what is very important is ensuring the game is slick and tight.

"We really want to be really good in specific areas, that's a mantra in our team, the polish and quality we want to bring," Lesterlin said. "We're going to deeply focus on the player experience and feel, through combat and a number of other areas. That, to me, is where quality comes from - that polish and time you take to really make sure something feels excellent and the world is exciting to explore.

"That's where we came from when we started chatting with CI. That's where the alignment was. They really wanted to get a highly polished experience and take a lot of the really great ideas explored in Lords of the Fallen 1, and within the subgenre in general, and try to push those further."