Rainbow Six Siege Bans

Ubisoft announces details on their ongoing war against cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege, updating us on where things stand (thanks Eurogamer). Word is that on Monday they patched a vulnerability that was being used for multiple different cheats and then busted out the banhammer and punished players who were exploiting this vulnerability. They say approximately 1,300 players received 15-day bans, though they admit that much of the community feels this is too lenient. They explain this was a stop-gap measure, that the cheaters will have their ranks and MMRs adjusted downward accordingly, and that they are still working out the details on MMR adjustments for those who played matches affected by cheating. They also say they have plans to implement two-factor authentication for season three, but it's not clear how that relates to the rest of this news. Here's the update:
On June 7th, we provided you with a recap of our next steps regarding Anti-Cheat. We wanted to take a moment to update you on our progress on the various topics covered in the original message.

On Monday, a vulnerability used by a large number of cheat creators was patched, and is rendering a large number of cheats defunct. We also deployed a fix to prevent cheaters from planting the Defuser anywhere on the map.

This week, we suspended approximately 1300 players that we determined to have been boosted by cheaters. These players were suspended for 15 days, which many in the community feel is not harsh enough. They will also not benefit from their illicit activities come the end of the Season. We are currently assessing how we will be delivering this from a technical side, but all players sanctioned for this will have their rank and rewards removed prior to the launch of Season 3. We want to stress that we do not view the sanctioning of boosted players as a solution to the issue. It was a stop-gap while we work on the solution, which is adjusting MMR gains/losses for all players in a match with a cheater.

On the topic of adjusting MMR gains/losses for matches with cheaters, we are finalizing the design next week. Once that is complete, we will meet to determine workload, personnel, and deadlines. We will then have a better idea of the timeline for this feature going live.

We are continuing to make progress on the Two Step Verification requirement for Ranked. As of right now, our plans are to have this implemented during Season 3. This will be done in a patch that will occur within the Season, and is not tied to the launch of Season 3. As mentioned previously, we will have more detailed information once it is available.

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