GOG.com Tweet Backlash

GOG.com tweets about as tweet they made before removing it due to controversy, saying "we clearly messed up here." VG247 has details on the deleted tweet, saying it was a promotional image for Postal 2 which showed someone urinating on a headstone marked "games journalism." They note this as a call out to the GamerGate movement, which was highly critical of the gaming press, but is also the target of criticism itself over allegations of misogyny and sexism, and VG247 says they are dropping coverage of GOG.com as a result of this. The tweet has inspired lots of responses, many of which are complaints about the original tweet, but there are many posts critical of the apology as well. This tweet offers thoughts on the controversy, but we do not understand their reference to the significance of the date except that there were many GamerGate headlines around this time in 2015. Here's their post:

  • The intention behind our tweet was to inform about a release known for controversial content.
  • Unfortunately, we've failed to make the association between the image, the date, and an abusive movement.
  • Our intention was never to hurt or condone hate.