Guild Wars II Writers Fired Over Social Media Spat

A post on the Guild Wars 2 Forums from ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien announces a pair of Guild Wars II writers are no longer with the company following a confrontation on social media which Mike says "failed to uphold our standards of communicating with players" (thanks VG247). This was all sparked by a reply on Twitter (the place where careers go to die) that ended up taking a discussion of game design down a rabbit hole of gender. This is outlined in further detail in this Reddit thread, and here's the official statement on the topic:
Recently two of our employees failed to uphold our standards of communicating with players. Their attacks on the community were unacceptable. As a result, they’re no longer with the company.

I want to be clear that the statements they made do not reflect the views of ArenaNet at all. As a company we always strive to have a collaborative relationship with the Guild Wars community. We value your input. We make this game for you.