RockShot Early Access

Early Access to RockShot is now available on Steam, offering a third-person shooter for Windows. The initial reviews for this are not so great, but the game is free-to-play, so it will be easy enough to judge for yourself if you want. The release trailer offers a look at the game's combat and base-building elements this includes, and the announcement has some details:
Gameforge — leading western publisher of popular free-to-play multiplayer online games SoulWorker, Elsword and NosTale — is excited to announce that Japanese game developer Soleil’s rowdy third-person shooter RockShot is now available on Steam Early Access in North America and Europe. Surprise Suckas! Anarchy reigns supreme in this strategic shooter where players rock and roll their way to victory in high-adrenaline competitive multiplayer firefights.

Prepare to squad up, defend your home turf and commit acts of stylish violence. The world of RockShot has been shattered by an orbital collision, and the only ones left alive are the ruffians, rockers and degenerates. Supremacy is the number one goal in RockShot, so teamwork is essential. Coordinate your attacks to strategically dismantle the opposition and expand your territories. RockShot isn’t for the faint-hearted, so nut up or shut up!