Out of the Blue

Uncomfortably soon after mentioning my tolerance of spiders residing in the BlueTower we had the exterminator over for an insect murder spree. I mentioned that we recently discovered carpenter ants in our deck, which were actually accompanied by a few sightings of their airborne counterpart, carpenter bees. The company that placed our termite traps was dawdling about coming to address the ants and said they don't deal with bees at all, so an impatient MrsBlue called the competition. The other guys do handle bees, and were able to send someone over right away, so hopefully the wooden portions of our house are no longer being eaten. When he came in to report on his project he explained that he had sprayed the perimeter of the house for everything, spiders included. So apologies to any of my eight-legged friends caught in the crossfire here... hopefully any of you who wanted to be in the house were already safely inside.

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