Wasteland 2 Free with Pillars of Eternity II Preorders

GOG.com announces they are giving away a free copy of Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Digital Classic Edition to everyone who preorders Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. This comes following the announcement they are handing out a free copy of Shadowrun Returns with preorders of BATTLETECH. Word is both offers are retroactive for those who have already preordered, and transferrable for those who already own the bonus games:
As the chinese proverb goes: good things come in pairs. We're here to talk about free video games bundled with upcoming releases on GOG.com – the digital game store where good games come in pairs!

BATTLETECH and Pillars of Eternity II are heading to GOG.com, DRM-free on day one – and for a limited time all pre-orders come with a free game you can play right away:

Pre-order Pillars of Eternity II and get Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Digital Classic Edition for free – two modern RPGs in one package of a combined bajillion gameplay hours, several novels worth of witty storytelling, and a bucketload of nostalgia for classic-style RPGs. Pillars of Eternity II is slated for release on May 8, 2018.

Pre-order BATTLETECH and get Shadowrun Returns for free – preface the upcoming tactical mech title with the beloved, cyberpunk, strategy-infused RPG from Harebrained Schemes. BATTLETECH comes out on April 24, so you'll be quite ready for more badassery. Supersized mech badassery.

Fine print and useful info:
The BATTLETECH offer will be available with all pre-orders and purchases until May 8, two weeks following the game's premiere.
The Pillars of Eternity II offer will be available with all pre-orders and purchases until May 15, one week following the game's premiere.
Both offers apply retroactively to existing pre-orders, eligible customers who already own Shadowrun Returns or Wasteland 2 on GOG.com can reach out to support.gog.com to receive a giftable copy.