Free Shadowrun Returns with BATTLETECH Preorders announces that preordering BATTLETECH from them will get you a free copy of Shadowrun Returns:
Hear those thundering footsteps? That's right, it's BATTLETECH, coming from around the corner! Oh and the light-footed fella by its side? That's Shadowrun Returns, the acclaimed cyberpunk turn-based RPG, now FREE when you pre-order BATTLETECH, exclusively on

This offer works retroactively, so anyone who already pre-ordered the game will also receive Shadowrun Returns. Don't forget that pre-ordering also gets you the Shadowhawk Pack, a bonus skin for the titular mech.

Recently, our good friend CohhCarnage streamed a big chunk of the game, so check his videos below if you want an early look. Be warned, however, that he covers part of the campaign there, so if you're averse to SPOILERS, better turn back now.

The Shadowrun Returns bonus offer lasts until May 8, 2018.