Factorio Price Boost Next Month

Early Access game Factorio announces an upcoming change that will represent the final price of this manufacturing simulation as it emerges from Early Access (thank Jeremy). The Windows, macOS, and Linux game us currently $20.00 USD, but they say this will rise to $30.00 (or the local equivalent) on April 16th. They explain the change, and remind everyone they have a strict policy against discounted sales:
Version 0.16 has become stable, and this means that there is one last step for us to reach the 0.17 which will probably become 1.0 version. Then Factorio will finally step out of the Early Access zone. This will take some months but the roadmap is clear for us.

We feel that now is a good time to adjust the price of the game. The price of the game has been growing steadily together with the game becoming bigger, more stable and polished. After careful consideration, we have decided to set the new price of the game to 30 USD (or your regional equivalent). This change will become effective as of 16th of April 2018. This is the final Factorio price update, unless something unforeseen happens, so it will also be the price for the game for 1.0 release.

As you probably know we have a strict no sale policy. The game will not go on sale on Steam or any other platform. This basically means that purchasing before the 16th of April 2018 is the only way to buy the game cheaper than the increased release price.