Tomb Raider Remasters Announced

A tweet from realtech VR has word on plans for remastered editions of the first three Tomb Raider games (thanks GameInformer). They say these will come to Steam and will be free to those who own the originals. They offer a Tomb Raider 1 Classic PC Remaster trailer and a Tomb Raider 2 Classic Remaster trailer to show off updated graphics, saying the same thing about each: "With OpenGL 4.5, SSAO (Ambient Occlusion), Bloom post process, 16x AA, and Full HD (1080p) @ 60fps (game was 30fps originally)." Here's more:
TR1-3 remaster for PC are planned for Steam for free and will requires the purchase of the DOS version being sold on Steam (like ZDoom playing Doom games). Also the PC version will supports OpenVR and features a new 3D engine for both 3 games.