Elite Dangerous Expedition Plans

Frontier announces they are accepting signups for Distant Worlds II, a daring Elite Dangerous expedition to form a fleet to boldly go where no one has gone before (thanks K). This will get underway late this year, but they registration is underway already to accommodate scouting missions and other preparations. Here's the general idea:
Distant Worlds II will be a journey to the far outer rim and back, with the outbound journey culminating at Beagle Point. We also plan to organize the return trip, and this will be a more indirect route home taking participants through some seldom travelled regions in an attempt to retrace the USS Voyager's journey home from the delta quadrant.

The overall journey (there and back) will cover at least 200,000 light years. The map below should be considered as a rough approximation of the intended routes for the time being as the full itineraries and schedules, including waypoint locations, for both "Outbound" and "The Journey Home" will be posted later this year with a more detailed route map.