Ashes of the Singularity Gets DLC and Patch

Stardock now offers the Secret Missions for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, a new DLC pack adding new units, new scenarios, and new maps for both single-player and multiplayer modes. In addition to what they are calling their "biggest DLC ever," they also offer a new patch for all owners, updating the base version of the real-time strategy game to version 2.7. Here's what's up:
"This is our biggest DLC ever, and it expands every key part of the game," said Callum McCole, the game's lead designer. "The new units open up additional strategic depth by allowing for different compositions and counters. The scenarios are challenging and interesting, and the maps are absolutely massive."
Secret Missions includes two new frigates, one for each playable faction:

  • PHC Atlas - This anti-air, anti-drone frigate is an excellent line of defense against Drone Hives. Since it only costs metal and doesn't require radioactives, the Atlas is a less powerful, but inexpensive, alternative to the Apollo cruiser.
  • Substrate Tormentor - This indirect fire frigate is capable of saturating an area with artillery shells, causing damage to anything in its radius of attack. Although it lacks accuracy and direct single target damage, the Tormentor is at its most powerful against groups of units rather than structures.

There are also 8 new scenarios in the DLC that cater to players who enjoy large, late-game battles and tactical flexibility. "These scenarios are designed to put players in unique situations that are unlike any in the already existing campaigns and scenarios," said McCole. "There are missions for both the PHC and the Substrate, all of which focus heavily on late-game units and large armies. Some may require you to destroy an enemy base or protect an allied base, while others may focus on stopping your enemy from achieving critical mass of Turinium."