Kingdom Come: Deliverance Trailer

There's now timer on the official website for Kingdom Come: Deliverance counting down to the release of this open-world RPG. If watching this tick away the seconds for the next 11+ days gets tedious, there's also a new video featuring "A Blacksmith's Tale" from the game for your viewing pleasure. Word is: "The new gameplay trailer showcases key plot points of the visually extraordinary and historically accurate RPG, as well as exhilarating action sequences such as an all-out assault on a remarkably recreated castle from the time period." Here's a bit on what makes this game unusual:
Becoming a powerful warrior is only one way to succeed in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There are plenty of other paths to choose from in this thrilling medieval game, which embodies the truest sense of the roleplaying game genre. The script in the game amounts to twice the entirety of the complete Lord of the Rings saga, and the passion of the developers can be seen in the love for detail that Warhorse has put into the game painstakingly since its Kickstart inception.