Out of the Blue

I had a car inspection yesterday that left me across the street from a Smash Burger that I've been curious about since it recently popped up in that spot. Though the burgers I make in Manstovia are half-pound monsters, I have a lifelong affection for the kind of squashed on a flattop type served by places like this. Unfortunately the street I had to traverse was basically a highway, and it took over five minutes to cross three intersections to cover what had to be 100 yards as the crow flies, putting extra pressure on them to serve a good burger. But it did turn out to be pretty satisfactory, and the place had surprising elements of an actual restaurant for a fast-food joint. The only disappointment was the fried pickles. They did them right (chips versus spears), but there was something weirdly wilted about them like they were over-fried or came out of the freezer or something.

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