Out of the Blue

Merry Christmas! We're having one of those white Christmases that Der Bingle used to croon about, as a tasteful blanket of snow fell on the area overnight, which is cool (if not downright frosty). Here's hoping it's equally scenic, if not seasonal, where you are. I followed though on my plan to make chili yesterday with a different recipe to celebrate, and I am pleased with the turnout. In spite of the recipe's notation that this is Texas-style, it calls for tomatoes, which are often considered not authentically Texas, and are not usually part of my chili. On the other hand, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so in spite of my incredible taste in cowboy boots, I'm probably not one to judge such matters. Anyway, my normal recipe results in meat that's falling apart, and I wanted an outcome that was more like solid meat in a broth (like a competition chili), and this one delivered. I followed it to the letter as a first time, but in the future I will probably add more cumin and tweak a couple of other things.

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