Cobalt WASD This Week

Mojang announces they are releasing Cobalt WASD on Steam on Friday (the Steam page says tomorrow, but it will be right around midnight). This is a multiplayer follow-up to the original Cobalt that they say "introduces competitive team-play in the style of a side-scrolling Counter-Strike (if Counter-Strike had grenades that warp time) and controls tuned for mouse-aim and keyboard." They also say they have updated the original and lowered its price (though it still is $19.99 as of this writing), saying: "Incidentally, we also updated the game’s predecessor, Cobalt, with map and mod support. And we updated the price, too! It’s now only €15. You can buy it in a bundle with Cobalt WASD for €19.99." Here's a launch trailer showing off the original game, and here's word:
Two teams of adorable, somersaulting murder-bots duke it out over successive rounds, one side attempting to plant and detonate bombs in their opponents’ base, and the other, quite reasonably, attempting to stop them. Each round earns money the teams can spend on outlandish equipment and weaponry. Take a stealth suit, slip past the enemy’s defences and snipe from the shadows, or dive straight into the fray, blazing away, deflecting incoming shots with the reflector shield. Or toss a time bomb into the mosh-pit and watch as bullets and bots dance in balletic slow-motion!

Sticky sentry turrets! Teleporter guns! Radioactive crossbows! Grappling hooks! Holographic floating boxes! Jet boots! Healing pumps! Something called the Bullet Shredder! It’s got the lot.

It’s superfast fun with a high skill-ceiling, and a ridiculous number of possible strategies - made even more ridiculous by map and mods support on the Steam Workshop. Made specifically for PC, Cobalt WASD also has mouse-aim, dedicated servers, a gazillion camera settings, a native resolution of 1920x1080 and can even run at 1000 frames per second - all the things PC gamers love!

It costs €6.99, but folks who were alpha testers on the original Cobalt get it for freeeeeee!