National Committee for Games Policy Takes on Loot Crates

The National Committee for Games Policy is a newly formed organization with a self-proclaimed mission to address "the current crisis regarding the expansion of loot crate economies and concerns about unregulated online gambling." They say, "Unlike the IGDA, we are not an association of game developers. We are a coalition of high level industry experts and influencers." Their website is online, and you can go their to decide how expert and/or influential their membership is. Here's their outline of how they expect to be part of the conversation:
The first action of the NCGP is its creation; a privately funded think tank known as the ITK. The work of the NCGP ITK is to represent itself as a group of consummate professionals from every part of the video game community. We seek to represent the entire industry, and as such will not release opinions on differences within the industry except as they relate to public policy. Members names will only be released if they give permission, and their writing reflects their own opinions. The NCGP will never take a position on policy; we will give policy makers the information the information they need to make informed decision. Our political connections will get this information to them.