Loot Box Stories of the Day

There's an official statement from the U.K. Gambling commission about selling loot boxes in video games, which remains the hot topic of the moment (thanks Eurogamer). They say they are not set to officially declare the practice gambling, but they do indicate they are prepared to assist in regulating it nonetheless. Word is: "Where a product does not meet that test to be classed as gambling but could potentially cause harm to children, parents will undoubtedly expect proper protections to be put in place by those that create, sell and regulate those products. We have a long track record in keeping children safe and we are keen to share our experiences and expertise with others that have a similar responsibility. Whether gambling or not, we all have a responsibility to keep children and young people safe." Meanwhile, from across the Channel, One Angry Gamer notes a French post on UFC-Que Choisir discovered by jeuxvideo.com with more backlash against in-game loot crate sales. The article says they are planning to reclassify such sales as gambling, and prohibit their sale to minors. Since our French is more than a petite rusty, we'll just rely on Google's rough machine translation to offer part of the post in English:
The lottery pay: the chance causes the disenchantment
One of the big outputs of this end of the year, Star Wars Battlefront II , envisaged a system of release of contents making use of chance inside the game. In exchange for money stumbling, players could acquire bonuses, especially in the context of multiplayer modes via the Internet, in the form of booty chests (also called " loot boxes "): the player pays for an object, without knowing which to in advance, and the gain is determined randomly, after payment. If obtaining a gain is systematic, the content of it is however random.

Although the publisher Electronics Arts has announced, under the pressure of the players, the temporary deactivation of this function, the basic problem remains intact, others applying it. Indeed, a reference to Article L. 322-2 of the Internal Security Code shows that booty boxes have the characteristics of lotteries, and as such their strict supervision is essential. Indeed, it is unacceptable for a young audience to be introduced to games of chance, when it is no longer necessary to demonstrate the harmful effects of the addiction they can provoke.