SpellForce 3 Free Weekend

SpellForce 3 is also playable for free this weekend, making it one of (at least) five commercial games running such promotions (the others are Overwatch, as noted above, as well as Rainbow Six Siege Endless Space 2, and Hyper Universe). This is available for Windows on Steam, where the upcoming strategy/RPG is also on sale for 10% off. Here's a trailer and here's the announcement, which includes details about a tournament being held during the event:
The upcoming RTS/RPG hybrid SpellForce 3 will be playable for free on Steam from 10 AM PST November 17th, until 10 AM PST November 20th.

Players can play all three factions of the game in multiplayer matches for up to six players, or try the co-op mode. Also, one single-player mission is playable alone or with a co-op partner, which takes place before the events in the full game’s campaign.

Join The Tournament
During the free trial period, a SpellForce 3 tournament will be taking place with the chance to win a signed version of the limited Collector’s Edition or a Steam key of the game. You can earn points by playing (and winning) 1vs1 multiplayer matches – the players with the highest scores will win. You can find all the details on SpellForce 3’s official Facebook page.