Star Control: Origins Preorders and Beta Schedule

Stardock now offers the promised additional details about Star Control: Origins and the Super-Melee beta. Word is the game is now available for preorder, as is a bundle that includes the previous games in the space action/strategy series, and those who preorder are guaranteed access to the Super-Melee beta when it launches later this year. They illustrate the news with this trailer with some alpha gameplay footage and a schedule saying to expect the Super Melee beta in Q4 2017, an Adventure beta in Q1 2018, and the game "when it's done." Here's word:
Star Control: Origins is now available for pre-order on GOG and Steam. Star Control is an space adventure game that puts the player in command of a starship whose mission is to explore the galaxy, contact alien civilizations, and investigate exotic worlds, all while trying to save the human race from imminent annihilation.

Star Control: Origins is set in the year 2086. The good news: the signals from Earth have been received by an advanced alien race. The bad news: they are looking for the source of the signals in order to annihilate them. As Captain of the most advanced starship the human race has ever constructed, the player's mission is to prevent the impending destruction of the Earth through any means necessary.

"Of course, 'advanced' is relative," said Brad Wardell, President & CEO of Stardock Entertainment. "What your ship looks like and what it can do by the end of Origins won't resemble what you started with. Your ship is, in essence, your character."

Star Control: Origins won't be released until next year. However, starting today, players can pre-order the game at a discount and gain access to next month's Super-Melee beta.

In Super-Melee, players create a fleet of ships where each ship has its own unique powers and abilities. Players can play against the computer or against each other in ranked or unranked multiplayer. In addition, the Super-Melee beta includes the Ship Crafter, which allows players to design their own Super-Melee ships and share them with others. Players not only control what weapons, defenses, engines, and thrusters ships have, but what they look like as well.

"If you've ever wanted to design your own starship and see how it fares against other people's ships, you're going to love this," said Wardell.

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Star Control: Origins is available for pre-order from Stardock, GOG, or Steam for $24.99. The bundle, which includes Star Control: The Ur-Quan Masters and Star Control: Kessari Quadrant, can be purchased from Stardock, GOG, or Steam for $29.99.