Heat Signature Released

Steam now offers the launch of Heat Signature, a new action/adventure from Tom Francis and Suspicious Developments, the team behind Gunpoint (thanks Cameron). This post has word on the launch and details on the fixes in a day one patch that's also now available. Here's word on the game, which involves sneaking into spaceships to pull off secret missions. Here's the launch trailer along with an explanation:
Break into spaceships!
Fly your pod up to any spaceship in the galaxy and dock with its airlock to sneak inside. From there, you've got to sneak up on the crew, outshoot them in slowmo gunfights, or outthink them with clever gadgets. Take missions to steal loot, assassinate VIPs, or rescue friends.

Take your time!
Get out of impossible situations by pausing at any time and taking as long as you need to figure out a clever plan. You have a wide range of gadgets with clever uses, and you can switch, aim and fire them with no time pressure at all, letting you pull off ridiculously cool tricks without needing twitch skills.

Liberate the galaxy!
All your missions get you closer to liberating new space stations from the empires that control them, and this unlocks new gadgets to buy in your shops, and special challenge characters to play.