Tim Willits Calls QUAKE Design Dispute "Silly"

An Instagram post from Tim Willits responds to a recent controversy that sprang from his recollection of his contribution to the design of the original QUAKE. At QuakeCon, Tim told PCGamesN that he designed the QUAKE shareware and pioneered the concept of multiplayer-only maps. Former id designers John Romero and American McGee disagreed with this, and former id technical director John Carmack likewise did not recall Tim suggesting the multiplayer-only map concept. We missed it at the time, but designer on 1994's Rise of the Triad (which included dedicated multiplayer maps) Tom Hall also chimed in with his disapproval. Tim's post (spotted by addressee Shacknews, thanks nin) says "I usually ignore silly controversies," and arguably ignores aspects of this one with a map screenshot and his side of the story:
timwillits: I usually ignore silly controversies, but this one I will respond to. Here is a video of a map call tim14.bsp from 1996 (running on a NextStep VM, thanks to the programmers here at id Software). This is a map “fragment” (I have a directory full of them), if you know Quake 1 DM maps, you will be able to recognize things in it, this is not just a sketch. I stand by what I said and I'm not wasting my time on this anymore. Now I am getting back to working on the newest Quake game. @shacknews