DreamsSoftGames announces SHOPPING TYCOON, saying this will come to Steam on September 12th. This is a mogul game that will allow you to operate a shopping mall for fun and profit, though achieving either goal as a real mall owner is apparently harder all the time. This trailer offers a look at the game in action, showing that a successful mall will attract world leaders, which is completely plausible, and YouTubers, which is transparently opportunistic. Here are further details on the glamour this involves:
Unlock the best brands of clothing, jewelry, technology and much more. Meet the needs of your customers with toilets, restaurants and other services. Manage and expand the transport (bus, metro and taxis) so that more people come to buy your products. Equip your building with fire prevention systems and avoid little disasters. Manage the temperature, lighting, decoration and security systems of your building. Hire and manage the best staff and make your customers happy! Get celebs visiting your mall. Upgrade it to satisfy trademark investors and building inspectors.