MS on PC Gaming

There's an interview on PCGamesN where Microsoft once again expresses their alleged love for PC gamers, talking about Windows 10, remasters of older MS PC games, and their Play Anywhere program. Mike Ybarra, president for Windows and Xbox gaming, tells them they want to make Windows 10 "the best operating system for gamers," talking about non-Win10 specific features like support for 21:9 resolution, SLI, and AMD Crossfire. Adam Isgreen is the creative director at Microsoft Studios Publishing where they are working on an Age of Empires remaster, and he tells them: "We want to treat PC like a first-class citizen." It's hard not to be cynical about this, as they've hyped PC gamers with similar raps in the past, but have never shown a lot of substantial results. And frankly, saying you want to make Windows 10 the best gaming OS seems an admission that it isn't already, and wanting to treat PC like a first-class citizen suggests that it has gotten second-class treatment in the past.