Out of the Blue

I've grown comfortable with the idea that my tastes in television don't always align with the majority, as many of the shows I take to right off get cancelled just as quickly. This summer I didn't even get to mention Downward Dog before it got the axe, though apparently the eight episodes they aired were all that were planned for its first (and it turns out only) season. This was the story of a working woman and her dog, with the dog having a fully voiced inner monologue to give his outlook. This was an obvious draw for a dog lover, but it also had staying power in that regard, as I think most dog owners would agree that the pooch perspective was exceptionally well played. The dog described his motivations with perfect dog logic as demonstrations of his love, loyalty, bravery, and other valued canine traits. His description of the process of dogs domesticating humans was a perfect example of how well done this was. Anyway, as I say, I've already learned where my tastes diverge from the norm, so in spite of liking it so much, I called this for cancellation before the end of the first episode. Just sorry I was right. On the other hand, the Wikipedia article on the show says they are shopping it to other networks, so you never know. Every dog has his day, right?

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