TransRoad: USA Details

Publisher astragon Entertainment and developer Deck13 Hamburg offer some details about what to expect from TransRoad: USA, their recently announced truck driving and management simulation. Today they are giving insight into purchasing trucks and maintaining your fleet, discussing some of the factors that go into the process:
Great news for fans of sophisticated management simulation games: Following the first announcement of TransRoad: USA by astragon Entertainment and Deck13 Hamburg at the end of March, players can now look forward to a whole series of interesting facts about the game’s many features. Today’s first part will feature the powerful main protagonists of TransRoad: USA: the trucks and their trailers!

What would a nationally operating logistics company be without the appropriate vehicles? In TransRoad: USA players will be able to look around 14 truck and trailer shops spread out across the whole country to provide their drivers with the most suitable vehicles for their many challenging tasks.

No matter if the truck comes brand new or used, the hauler should always keep a sharp eye on the different properties of each tractor unit as not every truck will match with each of the game’s seven trailer types. As a rule of thumb, the heavier a trailer and its cargo, the more axles a truck should have, so that the driver will be able to fulfill his deliveries on time and avoid climbing slopes at a snail’s pace. The first thing a CEO therefore has to decide on is whether he wants to buy a two-, three- or four-axle truck. A display showing each vehicle’s trailer compatibility helps with making the right choice. New and used trucks do not only differ in their year of construction but also the mileage already covered. Different fixed costs, the anticipated maintenance window, fuel efficiency and horsepower of the new truck should also be taken in account when it comes to the purchase decision. All of these properties of course influence the price, which can be different at each dealership - so it may be worthwhile to shop around before making a final choice! Also, not every dealer will always offer the same selection of trucks and trailers. Unless it is a matter of urgency, waiting until new trucks enter a shop’s showroom after certain intervals might prove beneficial from time to time.

Buying price and fixed costs also play an important role when it comes to purchasing trailers. Here, the player can choose from seven different trailer types: If he is just starting out in the logistics industry, it will pay off to first invest in dry vans to transport regular cargo such as plastic, mail, furniture, electronics or cotton, as well as in reefers that are useful for anything that needs a controlled temperature like medicine, fruit and vegetables or meat. These two trailer types can already reach their destination speedily while attached to a two-axle truck and transport cargo for which there is ample supply and demand in most cities.

A little bit more power is needed in order to move dump trailers, which are transporting bulk materials such as coal, ore, scrap metal, corn or animal feed, as well as flatbed trailers for carrying metal, machines or logs. Really powerful four-axle trucks should be used by the player for pulling the last three trailer types: livestock trailers for cattle, car trailers for both brand-new and scrap cars, as well as tanker trailers containing liquid and sometimes dangerous goods like chemicals, crude oil and fuel, as well as completely harmless produce such as milk or juice.

The purchase of trucks and trailers is however just one of many important management decisions the player will have to make in TransRoad: USA if he wants to lead his logistics company to success. Which other aspects the CEO will have to keep in mind will be revealed by Deck13 Hamburg and astragon Entertainment bit by bit in the upcoming weeks.

The worldwide release of TransRoad: USA is planned for fall 2017. Fans of management simulation games can then start on PC and Mac into their logistics careers and attempt to become the country’s biggest hauler!