Out of the Blue

I picked up this discounted spaghetti western DVD collection years ago on a lark, but never got around to checking it out. This offers 44 movies on 11 disks (two to a side on double-sided disks), so I knew the audio/video quality would be iffy at best. I checked some of this out yesterday, and while it had its entertainment value, I was soon struck by how I would much rather be re-watching Once Upon a Time in the West. This is probably my all-time favorite western, and it'd been a while, so the re-viewing turned out to be a great call. And now I see that today is the 35th anniversary of the release of Blade Runner back in 1982. Like OUATITW, this is probably my favorite film of its genre (romantic comedy, duh!), so I'm going to re-watch this one in celebration. Maybe this will kick off a favorite movie binge.

Link Runner: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: Hotel Solitaire.
Science: Airbus' High-Speed Racer Helicopter Cruises at a Wild 250 MPH.
Media: GALAXY GATES. Thanks Hypothermia.
Gorilla dancing to Maniac.
Call Flooding an IRS Phone Scamming Company (NSFW).