Out of the Blue

We've had touches of rain to outright rain storms around here for most of the past week. I would just like to thank the weather for making my life easier, as this coincidentally comes as we have some bare areas of the lawn that were just reseeded. It helps a lot for fledgling grass to be watered regularly in these early stages, and the rain has taken care of this so I haven't had to play games with a spinkler. It's almost like we planned it this way.

Planned Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Links: New York’s Great Scenic Ride. Thanks Cutter.
Stories: Home Depot, Menards- Accused of misrepresenting lumber size. 4ish x 4ish.
Mike Myers’s Strange Resurfacing on “The Gong Show.” Thanks Devicer.
Media: YouTubers are so Helpful (NSFW).
'Road rage' motorcyclist kicks car causing dramatic pile up. There are lessons here. Thanks The Flying Penguin.
Syrian Muslim Man pays for US Woman desperate to sell her ring in Dallas. Thanks ViperFour.