Star Wars Battlefront II May Feature Microtransactions

The Star Wars Battlefront II EA Play trailer leaked yesterday disappeared shortly after it was mentioned, as is the way with leaks. Here it is for real, and if it gets yoinked now it's because EA put in a DMCA complaint on themselves. The clips shows off gameplay and some cinematics that look better than some of the CGI from the prequel trilogy. also has details on how content in the game will be unlocked. Apparently the battlepass that caused controversy in the previous game is not part of the plan here, as all DLC for the game is to be free. But they do note there's a likelihood that the game will be adding microtransactions:
EA also mentioned Star Wars Battlefront II will introduce a new system for unlocking content such as weapons and customisations called Battlepoints. While you will be able to earn this in-game, there will almost certainly be microtransactions that will help the publisher offset the lack of revenue generated by a season pass.