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Geneshift Early Access

Early access to Geneshift is now available on Steam, offering the chance to experience this genre-crossing action game. This features top-down GTA2-style driving in a variety of offbeat vehicles and MOBA elements. It also has a compelling development history: "Starting as a GTA2/Diablo mashup, Geneshift eventually evolved into an action extravaganza with enough mutant skills to give Professor Xavier a headache. The turning point came in 2014 when the game was Greenlit on Steam. Solo developer Ben Johnson of Nik Nak Studios decided to quit his day job and go full-time. However, Australia was expensive – so he packed his bags and moved somewhere cheaper: Peru. There, he worked with limited savings until the game was completed; now, after eight years of development, Geneshift has finally reached Steam Early Access." Here's a trailer and here are some details:
Geneshift puts you behind the wheel of a number of crazy vehicles – letting you detonate car bombs and fire out windows for drive-by shootings. Play as a mutant and unlock more than 30 tactical skills such as teleportation, invisibility, and fireballs. Stop a zombie outbreak in the single-player and co-op campaigns – earning cash to level up your character – or face other players in bloody PvP combat. Hop online and play competitively in Conquest, Checkpoint Racing, and Capture the Flag – or compete in leaderboards by speedrunning the campaign as fast as possible.

Feeling more creative than destructive? Make your own sandbox in the built-in level editor: If other people play your level, you’ll unlock special cosmetic items!