Far Cry 5's Montana Setting Revealed

UbiBlog promises more details about Far Cry 5 on Friday, and in the meantime, offer a new teaser trailer showing off the game's setting of Hope County, Montana. This runs about 41 seconds, but there's also a this video which adds three additional teasers to total 2:30. These clips might suggest that the new installment in the action-packed series will involve harvesting fields or fly fishing, but the placid environments may also confirm rumors the game will have a western theme to match this western locale. Here's word on the plan to reveal some details this week: "We’ll have a lot more to say about Far Cry 5 this Friday, May 26 – but to whet your appetite (and because we’re terrible teases), here are a few brief postcards from Montana’s beautiful Hope County, pulled together into a single teaser video."