Tom Clancy's The Division Free Weekend

UbiBlog announces a weekend of free play in Tom Clancy's The Division gets underway today, offering the chance to sample the open-world shooter. They offer a scrunched-down graphic with a schedule so people with better eyesight than I have can see when this begins. Here's word:
This weekend, the pandemic-ravaged streets of The Division’s Manhattan are yours to explore for free. Starting May 4, you’ll be able to download and play the full game at no cost on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and hit the streets as an agent of the elite Division to reclaim Manhattan. Activated as a last resort after New York is devastated by a mysterious new disease, you’ll battle alongside other players in a fight to take back the streets from criminals, mercenaries, and flamethrower-wielding creeps called Cleaners.

Starting May 4 and running until May 7 (see above for exact times and dates for each platform), the free weekend is a chance to temporarily experience the Standard edition’s content – including its co-op features, its PvP Dark Zone, and a year’s worth of tweaks and improvements – the same way you would if you’d bought the game. And if you decide you want to keep adventuring after the free period ends, you can grab the Standard or Gold edition at a hefty discount for a limited time and continue where you left off, with your skills and inventory intact.