Out of the Blue

We're celebrating here in the BlueTower, as today is our wedding anniversary. That's actually poetic license, as MrsBlue is coming home from Pennsylvania later today, but we do have a dinner reservation tonight. It is quite a schlep home for her, though, so we're leaving open the option of switching our night out to the weekend if it suits us. Something about the occasion struck me just this week. We originally planned on getting married on the 20th, which was somewhat random, but we had to push it back a week due to a conflict with another wedding. Had our plan stayed unchanged, we would have gotten married on 4/20 before scooting off to Europe for a honeymoon that included time in Amsterdam. This was 21 years ago, so 4/20 wasn't even a thing back then, but I'm not sure anyone would have believed us that this was coincidence at this point. Probably doesn't help that our officiants were Cheech and Chong?

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