Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge Announced

Publisher Stardock and developer Mohawk Games announce Jupiter's Forge, an expansion for Offworld Trading Company coming to the RTS game this spring. Since all these worlds are ours except Europa, this takes the sci-fi game to Io. This page has the details and an announcement trailer, and a Steam page for the pack is also online. Here's part of the announcement:
Today, Stardock and Mohawk Games announced Jupiter's Forge, the first expansion for Offworld Trading Company. The all-new expansion will take players to the volcanic moon of Io, which is a far harsher environment than even Mars to turn a profit in.

"The further out into space we go, the harder survival becomes," said Soren Johnson, lead designer for Offworld Trading Company. "Unlike Mars, Io's resources are finite and will deplete over time, which makes the competition even more cutthroat. Players will have to adapt to an entirely different resource hierarchy than they've become used to on Mars or Ceres if they want their businesses to survive here."

Some of the highlights of Jupiter's Forge include:

  • New planet: Io
  • New resource system
  • New factions: The Penrose Collective and The Diadem Trust
  • New resource: Basalt
  • New buildings and structures
  • New patents and black market events
  • New map events: radiation storms, sulfur frosts, landslides, and tremors
  • 1000 Map Challenge

The new factions in Jupiter's Forge bring some additional diversity to the game with unique sets of new abilities. The Diadem Trust is capable of building improved versions of advanced structures like the Hacker Array, Pleasure Dome, and more, which allows them to gain an edge over the competition. The Penrose Collective is able to return claims at any time and also builds two headquarters at the start of the game, allowing them to spread out their operations.