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John Carmack Sues ZeniMax

Oculus CTO John Carmack is suing his former employer ZeniMax for $22.5 million he says he is still owed by the company from its purchase of id Software. Carmack was at the center of a contentious case over VR technology that resulted in Zenimax winning a $500M judgment from Oculus, and he says the refusal to pay him his due is "sour grapes. Dallas News (thanks Kotaku) has the text of the suit and offer this outlook:
The lawsuit filed by Carmack says that ZeniMax won't pay the remaining sum for id Software because of the intellectual property lawsuit -- but it notes that the jury did not find Carmack liable for misappropriation of trade secrets or copyright infringement.

"ZeniMax's invocation of the same alleged acts that it just went to trial on is an exercise in bad faith and distraction, not a legitimate basis to avoid paying the money it owes from its purchase of id Software," the lawsuit says.