Conan Exiles Video; Livestream Today

Funcom is planning a livestream today on PvP support in Conan Exiles. This tweet says thing will get underway at 1:00 on EST on Twitch. The developer also offers a new video from Conan Exiles, showing off more their upcoming barbaric survival game. The game's tagline is "survive, build, dominate," and they follow on their survive and build videos with dominate trailer. Grab your ball-gag, as they also offer this developer blog with more details on the whole domination theme. How can someone "see their own head rolling away from them?" We don't know either, but according to Funcom, the game will allow us to find out:
Combat is a key aspect of Conan Exiles and players will engage in brutal battles using anything from swords to warhammers and longbows. A violent fatality system ensures that they can slice each other in half or even see their own head rolling away from them in what is a savage and bloody combat system true to the spirit of the world’s most famous barbarian. To dominate the Exiled Lands, players will also have to build cities and fortresses to claim land, and they must go out and capture thralls to help them defend their settlements or create special weapons and armor. To truly dominate Conan’s world, they must also build altars to their god and bring them sacrifices to appease them. If they earn the blessings of their god, players will ultimately get to summon and take direct control of huge, towering avatars of the gods that can roam the world and crush both bodies and buildings under their weight. There will be several countermeasures against avatars and players can also choose to run and play on servers without avatars if they want to.