Out of the Blue

Happy National Fruitcake Day! I actually tend to like fruitcake, but I haven't had any in a really long time, so I may not feel that way if I had some right now. Holiday foods aside, we had a rare visit to the movies on Christmas, as we went to see Rogue One. I can see why the reviews on this are mixed, as I have mixed feelings about it myself. There were parts I loved, and parts I didn't, but on balance the experience was positive, and I was happy to have seen it, and happy to have made the effort to do so in the theater. But I also just like movies in general, so in the same way I wouldn't be a good video game critic, I wouldn't be a good movie critic. Also, I probably would have considered the movie enjoyable if they just had Alan Tudyk's part surrounded by footage of cows grazing, so you may not want to go by me.

R.I.P.: Everybody Hates Chris Star Ricky Harris Dead: Actor Dies at 54.

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