Galactic Civilizations III Update

A new patch is now available for Galactic Civilizations III, updating Stardock's 4X strategy game to version 1.9. This post has details, calling the patch "massive," and also reveals that it includes the handiwork of company founder Brad Wardell, as the CEO did some of the programming on the patch. This announcement has more on the patch and Brad's contribution:
Stardock released version 1.9 for its popular space-based strategy game, Galactic Civilizations III today. Stardock’s CEO, Brad Wardell, returns to the Galactic Civilizations team for v1.9 to introduce several improvements and enhancements to the game. Better optimization, advancements to enemy A.I., new Capstone Techs, and additional balance adjustments, are among several new and updated features within v1.9.

"I’m excited to be back into the code for this game," Wardell said. "This update is just the first step toward lots of enhancements and improvements that I have planned. The team and I have been active within our player community and have been listening to their thoughts. I think they’ll be pleased with the results."

Players can also look forward to additional challenges from the AI. v1.9 introduces several new improvements to AI playstyle, including smarter fleet building, a more assertive approach to expanding, a greater focus on spreading influence, among others.

New Capstone Techs are also now available once the Age of Ascension is reached. Players will have the chance to research new techs that provide large but temporary empire-wide bonuses. These techs can be researched repeatedly and their bonuses stack.

A significant focus of the 1.9 update is speed. "I multithreaded the texture loading at the start of a game in order to improve performance," said Brad Wardell, CEO and President of Stardock. "New texture compressions for planets and ships reduces the memory usage and boosts start up times so you can get right down to conquering the galaxy."

The work on performance optimization has also allowed for the addition of more stars and planets. These new details make each galaxy feel unique and even more vast than before. Additional small updates and additions to the game, such as the ability to see stat updates on the planet immediately after building on a tile, further enhance playability and enjoyment for the player.

For a complete list of the updates in v1.9, please view the changelog here.