Age of Empires II HD DLC Next Week

Age of Empires website announces Rise of the Rajas, a new DLC pack coming on December 19th to Age of Empires II HD, the RTS remake, offering the first new content for the game is an age or two. This is coming to Steam, though it is not available yet for preorder as they say it is. They promise more details on the new content in the short time before its release, and in the meantime offer the following on the DLC as well as a new performance patch for the base game:
That’s only six days away, but we’re not going to make you wait that long to get a taste of the new greatness in store; we’re celebrating RIGHT NOW, and you can join in! Here’s a breakdown of this week-long party:

  • ZeroEmpires and the rest of the crew at Escape Gaming are putting on the Battle for Angkor tournament on December 17–18! This tournament, featuring some of the world’s top Age of Empires II players, will be streamed live for all to see right here on the brand-new Escape Twitch channel! More details coming soon.
  • The devs at Forgotten Empires will be publishing a new sneak peek each day until release. There are four new civs, a new map type, and much, much more to discover, so head over to their blog each day to get the inside scoop straight from the developers!
  • We’ll have our own countdown-to-launch stream featuring special guests, including devs from Skybox Labs and Forgotten Empires, on our official Twitch and Beam channels on December 19. More details coming soon!

Performance Upgrades and Balance Fixes!
This awesome expansion is set in southeast Asia, and brings tons of new content as well as some serious upgrades to the quality of life for our Age of Empires II HD. We’ve had an open beta over the past few months to identify and correct a few performance issues, and with your help we’ve managed to reduce desyncs by 90%! With today’s announcement of Rise of the Rajas, we’re also pushing these performance upgrades live to all of our players for free. Among other things, this makes multiplayer matches much more stable, AND we’ve added multiplayer restore back in, so if you ever DO lose a match in progress to a desync, you can get it back and pick up where you left off!