Sudden Strike 4 Trailer

Sudden Strike 4 is on display in a new gameplay trailer from Kalypso Media's upcoming World War II strategy sequel. They say the game is on track for release in the spring, and they hope to inspire prepurchases on Steam with a 15% discount, a soundtrack, a digital art book, and a bonus Battle of Kursk DLC pack. Here's more on the video:
Kalypso Media is thrilled to present the new gameplay trailer for Sudden Strike 4, showing the latest glimpses of gameplay from the return of the legendary RTS franchise in all its glory. As well as new footage of single- and multiplayer modes, the new trailer demonstrates the return of the optional ‘pause and play’ system, allowing players to suspend the action while they issue detailed commands and manoeuvres to their units.

Also shown is one of the most significant new features of Sudden Strike 4 – commanders. Players may now for the first time select from nine historically accurate commanders, each of whom has their own unique abilities, perks and skill tress to unlock as you play through the game.